Family Advocate Network Political Action Committee


Capitol For Kids

On October 22nd, FAN-PAC invites you to attend the American for Equal Shared Parenting (AFESP) Capitol for Kids Trenton New Jersey Program.



New child custody law will let New Jersey children win with shared parenting

When it comes to family; nothing is more important than, time, love and affection for your children New Jersey's children are asking you today to use your VOICE and give them the right to equal access to both parents, FAN-PAC in New Jersey is dedicated to meaningful solutions!


Advocating for reforms in the family court system.


Join us asking your legislators to support Bills A1091 and S273, or even to sign on as a co-sponsor.

Ask yourself … In regards to protecting this most basic right of our children, if not now, when?



Start Your Own Fundraiser to support FAN-PAC

Are you climbing a mountain, running a race, giving up a birthday, or wanting to send your wedding guest list an alternative to yet another toaster? You can make tremendous impact in a child’s life today!