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FAN-PAC June 11-15 - Trenton New Jersey Capital State House Event

Come be a part of the change to give children a voice in New Jersey.   The event will be open to the public.   This transformation and inspirational event will meet the following goals:

  • Giving people a vision by showing the progress the FAN-PAC community is making in NJ
  • Meet with All Legislators Sponsoring our NJ Children Bill A1091 & S273
  • Educating Legislators and members of the community on the path to make the Bill the Law of NJ
  • Lobby all Senators and Assembly members on supporting our NJ Children with Equal Shared Parenting
  • Advocate, Inspire and educate our Legislators to become Sponsors of the Bill A1091 & S273
  • Greet and meet your legislators and discuss their support for the children directly
  • Unite efforts to show our legislators NJ is a community of Actions

The event will be held on June 11 through June 14 (Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday), 2018 from 10 A.M. EST until 3 PM EST at the State House Annex in Trenton NJ .

All admission is FREE and open to the Public. Contact FAN-PAC NJ for additional information at