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FAN-PAC meets Senator Kean (R) and Assemblywoman Munoz (R)

FAN-PAC meets Senator Kean and Assemblywoman Munoz

Friday September 22, 2017 – The Westfield New Jersey offices of Senator Tom Kean (R-21st district) and Nancy Munoz (R-21st district) hosted FAN-PAC this afternoon.  This was the 2nd time Senator Kean has opened his door to the representatives of FAN-PAC and today provided the opportunity for the group to meet Assemblywoman Munoz. 

Senator Kean provided FAN-PAC with extraordinarily valuable guidance when the importance of shared physical custody legislation was brought to his attention in the summer of 2016. The Senator in 2016 was gracious with his time and was instrumental in helping FAN-PAC create the organizational framework that has led to an Assembly Bill that provides for a rebuttable presumption of joint legal and physical custody of children when parents separate.

This bill, A1091, was introduced by Assemblyman Eric Peterson (R-23rd district). 

Assemblywoman Munoz, herself a mother of 5 children, has sponsored numerous bills aimed at protecting our children; of her many responsibilities, she is the Deputy Republican Conference Leader and serves on the Assembly Women and Children Committee, Legislative Services Commission as well as the New Jersey Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect.  She was appointed by Chief Justice Stuart Rabner to the Supreme Court Ad Hoc Committee on Domestic Violence, and continues to work with members of the Judiciary, Law Enforcement, and the Legislature to ensure that excellent policies and practices are in place across the State to protect the victims of domestic violence.  In these roles, she is uniquely qualified to understand the impact separation of parents has on society and the benefits to our children when they have access to love, guidance and emotional support of both parents.  Her commitment to advocating for this ‘common sense’ legislation will be an integral as this legislation moves through the process in Trenton.  FAN-PAC and our children would benefit from Assemblywoman Munoz’ consideration to become a co-sponsor of A1091.

FAN-PAC considers Senator Kean a friend.  His bio states;

‘At the core of Tom Kean is the noble ambition that through public service and the determination to turn ideas into action, one person can make a lasting difference.’

This was the experience FAN-PAC left his office believing in 2016 and after today’s meeting this belief has been further cemented in FAN-PACs commitment to the children of New Jersey.  FAN-PAC will provide Senator Kean with the resources he needs to be a leader in Trenton on this issue.  Senator Kean’s role as the minority leader and his commitment to work with FAN-PAC in this bi-partisan effort will be instrumental as legislation similar to the Assembly bill is introduced in the Senate.

FAN-PAC is an organization established to represent the interests of the New Jersey voters and to advance these interests by advocating for policies, legislation and legislators that reflect FAN-PACs mission.  This mission is to ADVOCATE for our children in family court matters, EDUCATE the participants in the family court system regarding the impact separation of parents has on children. And this impact on child development.  FAN-PAC is also committed to INSPIRE this generation to be the next great generation while ensuring their voices are heard in the family court.

Edward Wisniewski