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Joint physical custody of children in New Jersey takes another big step forward

Joint physical custody of children in New Jersey takes another big step forward.

October 9, 2017 - FAN-PAC announces that both houses of the New Jersey Legislature will be introducing bills that provide for the rebuttable presumption of equal or approximately equal physical custody of children in the family court.

FAN-PAC thanks all those who have expressed their support for this legislation.  Special recognition to Assemblyman Erik Peterson (R) District 23, the sponsor of A1091, Senator Anthony Bucco (R) District 25, a long-standing champion of this initiative and Senator Gerald Cardinale (R) District 39 co-sponsors of S273.

This legislation makes clear that every child has a right to enjoy a full, loving, and nurturing relationship with both his or her parents.  To accomplish that goal, this legislation modifies the existing statute.  These bills create and provide for a joint legal custody standard and equal shared physical custody of children in family court proceedings. This legislation encourages parents to cooperate and participate in every aspect of their child's lives; physically, emotionally and financially.  This initiative recognizes that society is better served when the next generation of parents has this support regardless of family structure.

FAN-PAC is an organization established to represent the interests of the New Jersey voters and to advance these interests by advocating for policies, legislation and legislators that reflect FAN-PACs mission.  This mission is to ADVOCATE for our children in family court matters, EDUCATE the participants in the family court system regarding the impact separation of parents has on children. And this impact on child development.  FAN-PAC is also committed to INSPIRE this generation to be the next great generation while ensuring their voices are heard in the family court.

Rafael Franco