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FAN-PAC meets Senator Bucco (R) 25th District and Assemblyman Bucco (R) 25th District Chief of Staff.

FAN-PAC meets Senator Bucco (R) 25th District and Assemblyman Bucco (R) 25th District Chief of Staff. 

October 2nd, 2017 – Senator Bucco welcomed members of FAN-PAC at his office along with Assemblyman Bucco’s Chief of Staff at his office in Denville.  The two groups met to discuss Assembly Bill A1091, to create a rebuttable presumption of shared parenting in family court matters.  Senator Bucco is a long-time champion of shared parenting.  The Senator has been an advocate for the children of the state of New Jersey throughout his distinguished career.  The Senator understands the impact divorce has on children and why this legislation will positively impact our children.  He experienced this impact in his personal life and this experience has driven his interest in transforming the family court related to physical custody of minor children.

While Assemblyman Bucco could not personally join the meeting, his chief of staff, Bruce Sisler was present.  Mr. Sisler assured the group the Assemblyman is aware of the legislation and of his interest in the bill.  The Assemblyman has supported similar legislation in the past.  This support has largely been driven by his personal experience.

The group agreed this is a non-partisan issue and both Democrats and Republicans should be supportive of this effort.  Senator Bucco suggested the group reach out to the leadership on both sides of the aisle while he would work on a parallel path in Trenton.

FAN-PAC thanked Senator Bucco for his commitment and continued advocacy for the basic right of all children to have access to the emotional, financial and physical support of both loving parents regardless of the structure of the family.

FAN-PAC is an organization established to represent the interests of the New Jersey voters and to advance these interests by advocating for policies, legislation and legislators that reflect FAN-PACs mission.  This mission is to ADVOCATE for our children in family court matters, EDUCATE the participants in the family court system regarding the impact separation of parents has on children. And this impact on child development.  FAN-PAC is also committed to INSPIRE this generation to be the next great generation while ensuring their voices are heard in the family court.


Rafael Franco