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New Child Custody Law Will Let NJ Children Win with Shared Parenting

When it comes to family time; nothing is more important than, time, love and affection for your children.

New Jersey's children are asking you today to use your VOICE and give them the right to equal access to both parents, FAN-PAC in New Jersey is dedicated to meaningful solutions!

Sign Up and Tell your Legislator to put down his/her name, and support Bill A1091 and S273 to protect our Children Best Interests!

Our children need to hear your voice.  All too often our family courts deny our children access to the full love, nurturing and support of two loving parents. We are committed to ensure all children have equal access to both parents in family court matters, we ask that you join us and tell your legislator to support bills A1091 & S273.  These bills provide for a rebuttable presumption of joint legal and equal physical custody when both parents are fit.

FAN-PAC asks that you join us in our effort to advocate for all children in New Jersey. It is up to all of us that the love of our children should never be leverage in litigation, this initiative will send this message.

FAN-PAC will continue to work with anyone who puts the needs of our children above all else, because the Family Court has let our children down we stand for them. Join us as we advocate for our kids, educate the family court on the impact of broken families on society and inspire our future generations.

Click Here to Send your letter via FAN-PAC to New Jersey Law Makers and Join us as we have the solution to make New Jersey a Better Place for all Children. Tell your Legislator to Co-Sponsor / Sponsor Bill A1091 S273 TODAY.


Rafael Franco