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Contact your Legislator to Support NJ Bill A1091 & S273

Great News!

New Jersey Assembly and the New Jersey Senate Introduced Bill A1091 and S273 in the New Section 2018 which Will Let Children Win with Equal Shared Parenting.

FAN-PAC is glad to say that we had many adventures in 2017 and that we are happy to have you as our Friend and supporter for 2018. Together we will continue to break through the common sense legislation that will enshrine Children’s Rights in the State of New Jersey and thereby protect the fundamental right of Children to have equal access to the love and affection of their two biological parents according to their values.

The Equal Shared Custody Bill A1091 & S273 will protect the right of children to have both parents equally responsible for both the financial and physical well-being of our children. Children will receive the right to receive the love, nurturing, guidance, support and affection of two loving parents.  These rights are being threatened by inconsistent standards in the New Jersey State Family Court, and we must take steps to ensure their continued protection

This movement is just getting started, my Friend. We have to continue supporting decisions like these and organizations around efforts to ensure every Child get his/her right to Both Parents. Children do not deserve VISITORS in their lives; They are ENTITLED to Two Loving Parents.

We're going to see more Wins this year -- make sure you're a part of them. Together with your Letter to your Legislators stating that you support Bill A1091 and S273, we're going to make History in New Jersey.

Support FAN-PAC Today and Send your Legislator the Voice, The Voice of a Child; Join us asking your legislators to support Bills A1091 and S273, or even to sign on as a co-sponsor.

I ask you to reflect on your service, your commitment to help others and our commitment to the children "Not leaving a child behind" by sending your letter today. Join me and Send your Letter now

Rafael Franco