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FAN-PAC meets Assemblywoman Carol Murphy (D) 7th District

Assemblywoman Carol Murphy met with members of FAN-PAC at her temporary office in Delran.  The meeting was to discuss the merits of A1091 that establishes a rebuttable presumption for joint legal and physical custody for minor children in family court matters.  The group met at the office of her fellow Assemblyman Herb Conway as her office is in the final stages of completion.  It was the end of a long day for the Assemblywoman and her Chief of Staff John Mulholland.  This is Assemblywoman Murphy’s 1st term in the Assembly, she is not new to Trenton.  She served as the Director of Policy for Assemblywoman Gabriela M. Mosquera from 2011 until taking office in January.

Assemblywoman Murphy’s position regarding shared parenting was framed by her belief that we live in a modern society where families are structured differently than they were a generation ago when the current statute was created.  Laws affecting families should reflect the present family dynamic, this is the basis for her unequivocal support of this legislation.  She also discussed her interest in reviewing the laws impacting families.  In particular, she and Assemblywoman Mosquera have sponsored A405; “New Jersey Task Force on Child Support Reform Act.”  This bill is co-sponsored by Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt and Assemblyman Thomas Giblin.  This act is designed to study the effectiveness and efficiency of the existing child support system.  FAN-PAC fully supports these efforts that work towards a greater understanding of the child support system while ensuring that the children the support is provided for have every opportunity to the full love, nurturing, support and guidance of both parents.

Assemblywoman Murphy agreed to reach out to Assemblywoman Mosquera and Assemblywoman Annette Quijano, Chair of the Judiciary Committee to discuss A1091.  The group ended the meeting with a commitment to each other to hold additional meetings with an eye towards collaboration on issues effecting children in the family court.  FAN-PAC expressed its willingness to support the Assemblywoman as she reaches out to her colleagues on these issues.

FAN-PAC is an organization established to represent the interests of the New Jersey voters and to advance these interests by advocating for policies, legislation and legislators that reflect FAN-PACs mission.  This mission is to ADVOCATE for our children in family court matters, EDUCATE the participants in the family court system regarding the impact separation of parents has on children. And this impact on child development.  FAN-PAC is also committed to INSPIRE this generation to be the next great generation while ensuring their voices are heard in the family court.

Rafael Franco