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FAN-PAC meets Assemblyman Jamal Holley (D) 20th District

Assemblyman Jamal Holley met with members of FAN-PAC via a conference call this afternoon.  The meeting was to discuss the merits of A1091 that establishes a rebuttable presumption for joint legal and physical custody for minor children in family court matters.  Assemblyman Holley is beginning his 2nd full term in Trenton.  He has also served the as both Mayor of Roselle and as a council member.  The Assemblyman has been in public service since 2004.

Assemblyman Holley’s position regarding shared parenting was framed by his belief that children are best served when both parents are fully involved in their lives.  Legislation that provides for our children is policy that he supports.  He also recognizes the importance of the children in the lives of their parents emphasizing that both mothers and fathers emotional need for this relationship.

Assemblyman Holley added his name to A1091 immediately following the call.  FAN-PAC remains humbled by the support and general understanding of this issue by representatives like Assemblyman Holley and are committed to supporting similar initiatives.

FAN-PAC is an organization established to represent the interests of the New Jersey voters and to advance these interests by advocating for policies, legislation and legislators that reflect FAN-PACs mission.  This mission is to ADVOCATE for our children in family court matters, EDUCATE the participants in the family court system regarding the impact separation of parents has on children. And this impact on child development.  FAN-PAC is also committed to INSPIRE this generation to be the next great generation while ensuring their voices are heard in the family court.

Rafael Franco