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FAN-PAC meets Senator Gerald Cardinale(R)

March 9th, 2018 – Senator Gerald Cardinale hosted FAN-PAC at his Cresskill office this afternoon. The Senator is a primary sponsor of S273 which provides for the rebuttable presumption of shared physical custody of minor children in family court matters. Senator Cardinale has held public office in New Jersey since 1982. During his 36 years in the state legislature he has heard more complaints from constituents regarding the family court than any other issue, including taxes. 

Senator Cardinale expressed, this legislation will provide the courts with clear guidance and create an environment where both parents are encouraged to cooperate regarding the physical custody of children after a separation. The Senator made clear his belief that when minor children are involved there can be no tolerance for a litigant using access to a child as leverage in the family court. The best solutions are crafted by the parents themselves without involvement of the court and this legislation will reduce the conflict relating to physical custody. 

FAN-PAC shares these beliefs and as advocates for all of New Jersey’s children appreciate the leadership of Senator Cardinale. FAN-PAC is committed to supporting all legislators as well as other organizations throughout New Jersey that agree and believe it is time that our laws reflect the needs of our children to have access to the full love and support of both parents. The ability to be free to love both parents is the single most important factor in their development. 

As a champion for this legislation in the Senate, Senator Cardinale will continue to gather support for shared parenting from both sides of the aisle. He will continue to work as a member of the Judiciary Committee to lobby his fellow committee members to see this legislation to the Governor’s desk. 

Rafael Franco